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Life outside class

discovering the world

In the garden

The children have the use of a large play area fitted with equipment to develop their psychomotor skills. Here they can spend their break-times and day-care periods playing games and sports. It’s a highly convivial facility where the children love to get together in their spare time. The primary pupils have their own play and relaxation area, in the centre of which sits a peace table, which is useful for resolving any conflicts.


The children come here for lunch and tea. Meals are prepared by our own cooks and the balanced menus are drawn up by our Chef. Meal times are convivial occasions that give the children a chance to relax, while at the same time putting their exercises in practical life into practice: one child per table has the task of serving his classmates, everyone serves their neighbour a drink, says thank you and waits until everyone is served before starting the meal.


The children can let off steam during lessons in psychomotor skills and relaxation supervised by our sports teacher. Emphasis is placed on discovering your body, balance and team spirit. There are also yoga lessons with a qualified teacher. The primary teachers also use the gym for rehearsing dances and shows organised for periodic Christmas and summer celebrations.


Our pupils have the use of a kitchen equipped to their size and available every day. They make bread for lunch, soup or certain desserts. Birthday cakes are also made in the kitchen. In fact, we allow the child to play his or her part in this special day, choosing the recipe and the classmates he would like to prepare cakes, pancakes, tarts and biscuits. The pupils love this convivial workshop as it allows them to taste different foods, handle textures, become more autonomous, take responsibility, integrate and take up a position in a group.


In the countryside, such as the forest, the pupils put an important Montessori principal into practice: care for the external environment. They may see again what they have seen in class and add to their knowledge of cosmic education. They also go to the museum, see exhibitions and monuments and thus add to their knowledge of geography and history. These outings also promote group cohesion and good behaviour among the children outside school.


“The creative being is a balanced person, the contrary of an aggressive or desperate individual.”

Always keen to provide the best possible response to a range of teaching questions, we have created a Painting Game workshop at our school. The Painting Game was created by Arno Stern and was the result of 50 years’ work with children. Arno Stern discovered that children have masses of creative potential provided that they are not distracted from their personal needs. Thereby, the Painting Game enables children to develop their autonomy and to personally develop among other children. The children are free to paint whatever they feel the need to paint without the fear of being judged by anyone else and without their strokes being interpreted. With a view to ensuring that these strokes can be done in a completely free way, the adult supports the child without judging or teaching any artistic technique. Their role is to support the children in their activity: moving a drawing pin, wiping away a spot, bringing over a stool, adding water to a jar, mixing paint…This workshop is available to all the children of the school. It is also available to any parents who express an interest.